E-RAD® BLU Electronic Series Options


The E-RAD Blu Series Touch Controllers provide the interface for all E-RAD Blu Tools. The E-RAD Blu Touch Controller allows the user to dial up and down, using the touch screen, in single digit increments to their desired torque. Also allows for torque presets, quick error-free torque and angle adjustments, complete recalibrations as well as data logging everything for easy export into spread-sheets on your laptop. The controller comes in a weatherproof case, available in both 120V and 220V. Cable lengths from tool to controller are available in different lengths (15’ comes standard with each ERAD BLU Tool Kit).

The E-RAD Blu series is bluetooth compatible which can be used in conjunction with a RAD Smart Socket for field and transducer verification. Please note the RAD Smart Socket is not included and must be ordered separately.

Additional Information