Dynamic Bolting LLC, Advanced Bolting Systems

Dynamic Bolting LLC has been a leading torque wrench distributer and specialty service provider since 1985.

We can help you find the right product that makes the most sense for your application. We have been the West Coast Master Distributor for the entire RAD®Product Line, the most efficient and user friendly line of tools found anywhere, since 2000. We now focus solely on serving our home the Pacific Northwest.

Not only is a RAD® tool the “tool of choice” for those that are expected to get the job done, but with the introduction of our unique torque verification devices you can prove and document the work performed. 

Along with the RAD® product line we are an authorized distributor for TorsionX Hydraulic Torque Tools, as well as other assorted accessories related to nuts and bolts. 

We are committed to find a high quality product to get the job done right. Browse our website and contact us today to find out more about the products that we offer. At Dynamic Bolting, we have a vested interest in helping make your job a success.