V-RAD Electric Series

Maximum Versatility and Efficiency


RAD® V-Series are a new generation of electric torque wrenches used for the installation or removal of heavy duty fasteners where accuracy, power, and safety are required. This series comes without the hassle of air hoses and simply runs when plugged into any electric power supply. 

Ideal for applications where compressed air is not readily available.

Smooth continuous flow of controlled torque adjustable through dial settings. The DV-RAD model has a digital display with single increment digital torque settings.

Advanced ultra-durable electric motor design to reduce maintenance cost and increase productivity.

Additional Information

All RAD® V-RAD and DV-RAD Electric Series Tools come come individually calibrated traceable to ISO 17025 Standards & complete with:

  • Standard Reaction arm and Retaining Ring
  • Weatherproof Storage Case
  • Available in 120V or 220V